Hi there again.

Have a quick question for advice. I have been cooking your wonderful recipies for a while now and firstly thank you.
We have invited six lifelong friends over for a ,socially distanced , meal this Saturday.
So far everything I have cooked to date has been plated immediately and consumed straight after.
I am doing your chicken balti as the mains. However as I would like to be prepped and am doing other starters etc my question is about advance preparation.
If I followed your recipie to the letter earlier in the afternoon covering the pans at end will their be much downside to then reintroducing pans to oven for final heat up before serving.
Any thoughts and help welcome.

Ps. I look forward to receiving recent orders from your site. Bought multiple kits especially of chicken xacuti as it was such a hit recently.

Best and thanks in advance


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9 months

I think many dishes (and I think this applies a lot to currys) are even better the next day, as the sauce has thicken and the flavours have come together even more.

9 months

That’s beyond helpful Hari.
Means I can welcome them and not be a fluster!
Well done.

Hari Ghotra
9 months

Hi @emmetcbrowne the beauty with many of these dishes is that pot curry’s like the balti are in fact even better the next day. You can cook it, cool it and reheat without any worries at all. The balti is perfect for this! You can freshen with fresh coriander and a little garam masala just as you serve it. Hope that helps.