Thank you guys for tuning in last night for the #fridaycurryclub. I’m so sorry I keep forgetting to post the final dish so here is last night lamb and veggie kofta curry. I will post a recipe for the veggie version very soon because they are really tasty.
I really hope you enjoyed watching the colour coordinated cook along 😜
Let me know what you thought and if you are cooking it in the week let’s see you pictures! Happy Saturday and big love and virtual hugs from me!

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9 months

Please can we have the veg version as my son is veggie and I would like to surprise him with this alternative. Thank you David.

Gary Fones
9 months

@Hari Ghotra any chance of the veg kofta recipe please 😊

Gillian Waite
9 months

Hari I am trying to get in touch with you re a private cookery class for 2. Are you doing these yet?

9 months

Didn’t manage to join @Hari Ghotra but lamb kofta has been a recent add to my Hari repertoire. So amazing - easy and wow wow - new favourite (again) for my husband. Big up and thank you @Hari Ghotra 💓 Never eaten do well with Indian cooking. Thank you x

Geo Mcculloch
9 months


9 months

Where are you getting your groceries? Delivered or are you venturing out. Maybe do a live stream hunting out the best garlic or other veggies?