So many of you have been asking and I can now confirm that my beautiful Masala Dubba are back in stock!! Click the link to get your orders in and I’ll get them shipped out ASAP! Each one comes with the 7 key spices and my very own spice guide to help you!

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Matt R
9 months

I got this a couple of weeks ago. Love it but I didn’t get a spice guide

9 months

Does this come with a lid?

9 months

It’s a brilliant masala dabba. The smell from the garam masala is beautiful.

Hari Ghotra
9 months

That’s fantastic @edward.holly and glad you loved the spices @M Kaur

M Kaur
9 months

I ordered one. Quality spices and the methi was top notch! ✨

9 months

Thanks for the update Hari. I ordered on Monday.