All these delicious post making me hungry ‘ I’m new to the app, what should I try as a recipe for the first time

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4 days

Thari Wala chicken and it easy + amazing flavours.

6 days

Hari’s red lentil dal is amazing @Fabiola Garcon

7 days

Welcome @Fabiola Garcon, thari wala chicken is a great dish to start with

Hari Ghotra
7 days

Welcome to the app @Fabiola Garcon the nariyal chicken is always a good one to start with too!

7 days

Welcome to the community, Fabiola! I definitely agree with @Sue Geen. Also, Kofta bites (meat) or Sprouts w/cumin and mustard (vegan) are delicious and take less than 30 mins.

Sue Geen
7 days

try thari Wala chicken dead easy and wonderfully tasty @Fabiola Garcon