Huge apology about tonight’s live stream! Thank you to everyone who stuck with it and cooked. I’m so thankful to you all - next one will be better!!
Here’s my Aloo Gobi and if you cooked it I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks 🙏🏽 so much.

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Tiina Summanen
9 months

where can I see the video???

9 months

Your Aloo Gobi went down a treat, received only one complaint - plate not big enough! *lol*

9 months

I thought it was ours, main modem router was restarted and any repeaters were restarted too! I’ll watch the YouTube video later, I’d like to do a side dish of this. Not all of us here like cauliflower, I love it.

9 months

Don’t worry Hari, these things happen outside your control. My internet has been acting up a lot recently. I’m sure everything will be good next week.

Debbie Gorman
9 months

I have had internet problems since tuesday. I am very lucky that it has been possible to stream you for the last few months without any problems. A cat only has to pee here and the electrics go off as my partner likes to say. It is true, rain, thunder even and we can lose power. Take heart Hari, all will be well next week❤️.

Steve Beck
9 months

don't worry I live in Wisconsin and at the same time we had internet troubles so even if you hadn't had trouble I still wouldn't have been able to enjoy the cook along.
You were making my all time favorite veggie dish I love aloo gobi

9 months

Hari there are some things that you cannot control, weighing it up against all the other weeks we’ve enjoyed cooking along it’s a minor glitch, have a great weekend.

We cooked pilchard curry, rice and red lentil dhal, so yummy but forgot to take pictures x

9 months

No worries Hari! Sometimes Technology lets us down! I will be cooking on Sunday and will post pictures. Take care and please don't be too down hearted or let it spoil your weekend. See you next Friday!!