Happy Monday everyone - I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and are raring to go for the week ahead.
I have been working on a few new recipes and this one is an amazing street food dish that is all the rage in India. It's India's take on the Nepalese dumpling and is called a Momo and they are super delicious and actually fairly easy to make. Check out the full recipe and chutney in the link below.
What is your favourite savoury snack?

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7 months

I can’t wait to make these today. Never tried them before super exciting. Wandering whether I could put them in the air fryer for a few minutes instead of pan frying it steaming ...

Copyboy Tony
8 months

Momos are heavenly - can’t wait to make my own

Debbie Gorman
8 months

Golgappas, kachori and those stuffed fried chillies. A hundred years ago I worked in Thornton Heath and there was a vegetarian indian takeaway cafe that did all of these snacks and more. I could never decide , it was like a child in a sweet shop for me and my first experience of traditional vegetarian indian food.

Ozzy in CT
8 months

Snacks are usually when I only have a few minutes in between distance teaching zoom calls. That means prepared food purchased from my local McRaja if it's Indian. Usually a samosa, batata vada, or dhokla. More likely, it's hummus and chips or something similar from the fridge.

Kevin from Arkansas
8 months

I tried Masala Vada a few weeks ago...it's now one of my favorites!!!!