First private class today since lock down - a little strange but great fun to be cooking with you again!
How has your day been?

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Hari Ghotra
8 months

Hi @Gillian Waite I responded a few weeks ago - I’m sure I did 😬 I said the weekend you suggested was fine with me.
I will double check now and drop you an email!

8 months

Good to see you back teaching. I’m sure it was a great class.

Debbie Gorman
8 months

I would love a class with you if I ever get back to the UK. Maybe one day you could come to me in Italy and we can swop recipes and I can get some curry loving ex pats together for a class😁. How cool would that be?

Gillian Waite
8 months

Hari I've been trying to organise a private lesson for my brother and I for a couple of months now but you never get back to me? gill

8 months

She should be proud. Looks delicious!