Sri Lankan beetroot curry (couldn’t find @Hari Ghotra ‘s recipe so improvised from the Facebook tryout that she posted). Also: spicy tomato and papaya chutney. Funny thing: papaya seeds have a quite pungent taste, almost like mustard seeds.

The chutney is really quite simple: coconut oil, cumin seeds, quartered tomatoes, ginger (I used powder, could’ve used fresh, grated), turmeric, Kashmiri chilli powder, bit of salt, chopped up papaya (without peel, remove seeds before chopping, toss them back in afterward). Cook on a pretty high heat for 10-15 minutes to allow the papaya to break down a bit and evaporate off some of the moisture. Stir often so it doesn’t catch.

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8 months

Lovely looking plate and colours @Arthur vdH

Hari Ghotra
8 months

I’m not sure I’ve had papaya seeds but I would image they add a lovey texture @Arthur vdH - such a powerful and vibrant looking dish!

Arthur vdH
8 months

Good to know I’ll be free of parasites then, @Gary :-)

8 months

Lots of people in Central America use the papaya seed to treat parasites. They don’t cook em, (the seeds) lol