Methi Keema Pie ready for the oven. Using beef instead of lamb and my home grown fenugreek.

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mark h
8 months

Hi @Gabi, yes, that was my second lot. I’m in Essex, I used the standard East End brand seeds from Tesco. I used a normal tub and mixed 60% topsoil with 40% compost then sprinkle the seeds evenly on top then cover with a thin layer of the soil/compost, water and you should see shoots after 2-3 days. Keep moist but not too wet and you can harvest in around 21 days. Good luck

8 months

That looks delicious. Is it easy to grow fenugreek? I'm interested in growing my own fenugreek

Hari Ghotra
8 months

Whoop 🙌🏽 all time fav @mark h