Hi guys sorry for the silence I have got a few things going on at the moment and have been a bit side tracked.
Thank you so much for your thoughts on the cook alongs. Once I have a plan I will share it with you all.
In the meantime I am craving my mums lemon and cumin chicken wings. Do you have an amazing chicken wing recipe?? Please share it with me!!

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about 2 months

Several Dishes i remembre from my Mom. When i cook Her Dishes i am feeling Home and she is back here with me.
One is Cabbage and minced meat layering like a Lasagne. My Kids and grandkids love it.
Or her Rabbit dish, oh there are a lots who remindes me if Her and Home❤️

Wendy Davidson
8 months

thank you

Hari Ghotra
8 months

Recipe is on the app @Wendy Davidson

Wendy Davidson
8 months

I know what you mean about having to make one of your mother's recipes. Somehow it brings them closer. Sorry I don't have a recipe to share but would I love chicken wings. Are you able to share your Mother's recipe please?