Hi Hari, been busy in the kitchen today making Samosas. I did a lamb tikka mince filling. Loved making your pastry as you showed us and as you can see it worked very well.

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Hari Ghotra
7 months

Yay you cooked them again - these look spectacular @Gillian Waite so happy 😁

Gillian Waite
7 months

Thanks guys. I froze them cooked and they reheated really well. The pastry was amazing

Debbie Gorman
7 months

They look amazing!

7 months

The outside looks super crispy, and I'd bet the inside is heavenly.

7 months

They look great. Mine taste good, but aren't shaped as well as those - fortunately my daughter seems to be better at getting the shape right than me, so at least some of them come out looking like that!