Spicy Asian chicken wings and drumsticks, mushroom biryani and tomato kachumber. A real taste explosion from the sweet chilli 🌶 wings and the earthyness of the mushroom 🍄 biryani brought together by the hot and fresh zings of the kachumber. I used plenty of fresh coriander, mint, green chillies and lime juice and zest in the kachumber and served it with a Liberal dusting of chaat masala. Yummy!

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Debbie Gorman
about 2 months

Looks amazing, love the sound of all those fresh flavours coming together with the chillies. These wings seem to be becoming a favourite . Love to make them but the sesame oil and the sriracha ? Sauce would be impossible to get here, still friends are driving out soon ! Can you buy the sauce in supermarkets in the UK?

Andy Hill
about 2 months

@MattC Thanks so much for your nice comment. I must say with thanks to @Hari Ghotra and her enthusiasm to spur me on during these difficult times, this dish tasted as good as it looks and well worth a try.

about 2 months

omg Restaurant quality, @Andy Hill!

Hari Ghotra
about 2 months

Ohhhh that looks sensational @Andy Hill so happy to see the wing recipe - did you enjoy them? Biryani looks epic!!