Hi Hari, hope all is going well. I was wondering, have you done any videos or posts where you give any tips on how to cook basmati rice perfectly, with nicely scented and separated grains? Despite much trial and error, including pre-washing etc, I never seem to be able to get that perfectly separated and just nicely cooked grain. 😥

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6 months

I had exactly this same problem and asked Hari the same a few years ago. I now only use Tilda Rice and it come up perfect every time.

Hari Ghotra
7 months

Hi @William Batt yes I have it’s called perfect basmati rice - choose the best basmati you can.
Key points:
1. Measure is - 1 mug will cook enough for 3 people
2. Wash - in a pan cover with warm water gently run fingers through it. Water goes cloudy drain and re do (approx 4 times) don’t be heavy handed with it.
3. In a pan and add 2 mugs of water bring to a vigorous rolling boil until the water is steaming.
4. Turn down (move to smallest hob) lid on and cook for 10 mint
5. Turn off a leave for 1 min
6. Remove lid and let the steam rise
7. Once steam has gone fork through very carefully

You should end up with fragrant individual grains of rice.
Let me know how you get on.