Happy Friday guys!

I hope everyone has had a good week and I hope you are all looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

I know I have been a bit absent over the past few weeks but I have had lots on my plate which is now sorted but now I am full of a cold with a chesty cough. Don't worry I have been for a COVID test awaiting results but i'm pretty sure it's just a cold but feeling pretty rotten.

I am getting closer to working out how I am going to run my live cooking sessions on You Tube - Hoping to start them at the end of October but I have a few bits I need to get organised first.

Let me know how you guys are doing - sending lots of love and it's national smile day so make sure you keep smiling!!

In the mean time who knows what these little delights are?

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about 2 months

hi hari hope your cheasty cold an cough has gone , I wanted to try that curry dish , with pieces of chicken an potatoes in but the ingredients r there but not th method please can u write the method in thankyou x

Angelene Vance
about 2 months

get well soon

Hari Ghotra
about 2 months

Love you guy thank you for your lovely wishes! Just a cold and cough will be back to it very soon 😘

Debbie Gorman
about 2 months

Hope you are fighting fit soon. Xx

Homegirl 🌺
about 2 months

Get well soon 😊

about 2 months

Get well soon @Hari Ghotra. Looking forward to the end of October!!

Kal Jalil
about 2 months

Get well soon. x

about 2 months

Get well! A little more chilli powder usually helps me! 😉😂

about 2 months

Speedy recovery Hari x

Sue Geen
about 2 months

get better soon @Hari Ghotra . hope you're being provided with plenty of athrak soup and ginger tea! xxx

Amanda Hughes
about 2 months

Wishing you n your family well

about 2 months

Bitter gourd ftw. 😉 Looking forward to your YT LS. Your team at home do a brilliant job, but let us know if you'd like additional resources. Some of us work with groups across platforms and would be happy to help moderate.

Nadia Jaber
about 2 months

Thinking of you. Get well soon. Plenty of rest and fluids as they say.
I remember from donkey years ago my mum used to stuff bitter gourd and then deep frying it. Can’t recall the stuffing unfortunately.

Allie Bowker
about 2 months

ugly fruit is in new Zealand called jack fruit its a substitute for meat and its delicious get well soon sending love from nz to u

about 2 months

Hey Hari, yesterday I cooked again the jalfrezi chicken. Simply delicious ! Hugs from Montréal 🤗

Andrew Cockburn
about 2 months

Feel better!

about 2 months

Hope you feel better soon @Hari Ghotra

Elisabeth Johl
about 2 months

Wish you to get well soon.🤞 Waiting for updating

about 2 months

Get well soon Hari!
I'll be preparing some aloo paratha tonight for a nice Sunday breakfast. Your recipe is the best!
Lots of love for Madrid.

Laurence Baker
about 2 months

Take care of yourself and get well soon.