Hi Hari, I love your recipes and made this last night but wotever I make, it always seems to take me at least 2 hours from start to finish so poor son is starving by the time I have done, any tips for quickening up the process? Thanks Lorraine

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Lorraine Blamire
6 months

yes please 😁

Hari Ghotra
6 months

Hi @Lorraine Blamire this looks totally stunning! I know when you start off it can take a lot to get into the swing of it like @victoria.darragh said you very quickly get faster. To help though I will put up some time saving bits you can do. Will that help?

6 months

You get faster at doing it the more you do it. It used to take me a life time to do even one curry but now I whiz around the kitchen. Try Hari’s slow cooker recipe book too as you chop and throw in the cooker and it sits there all day. You can also grind up some of the curry powders in advance and keep in little pots too.