@Hari Ghotra hot crispy wings on the go. I love these and I’m glad I took a photo from my earlier time I made them, the recipe has fallen off the app and site!

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18 days

@althawer no, not the same, although I think they look good 🤤

20 days

I cannot find this one? Can you link to it please @Hari Ghotra ?

21 days

I tried searching for crispy hot wings and nothing came up. Under “recipes” when I click on it, it pulls up “Spicy Asian Wings”. Not the same, I take It?

Hari Ghotra
22 days

The recipe is still there I haven’t taken it off @andrewsherman

23 days

Thanks @MattC they are great, just need Hari to get the recipe back up on the web or app.

23 days

Your final product looks so delicious, @andrewsherman! 😋