@Hari Ghotra I just made Chicken Korma for my son and I today. It was a great lunch! I do have to say that, I messed up on a couple of parts and served it with a little white rice. I was using your korma kit, and added the wrong bag to the marinade by mistake. I believe it’s bag 3 with cardamom. Don’t know what I was thinking, but I put it in a blender and ground it up, but not pulverized to powder and added it to the chicken not the onions. I added a few extra dried Chili’s and a little more cilantro than what you did I think. It’s beautiful and tastes amazing, I think anyway.

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25 days

Don’t sound like a bad idea at all!

25 days

Thank you guys! I think I used too much chicken and I didn’t cut the thighs up. After eating it with rice, I’m thinking of maybe putting it in a burrito?

26 days

That looks awesome, Jeremy!

Hari Ghotra
27 days

Hey @jeremy79 lovely to know you tried it and I’m soooo happy it was tasty. Ideally the chicken would have been marinated so it turns yellow and yum. Here is the video to help next time - https://youtu.be/LIMxirvSOyw