Hello all
I hope you are all doing well and keeping those heads up ahead of lock down here in the UK and ahead of the election in the USA. Tricky times all round but i'm here to help if you need me. Just message me if you need an ear or some advice I will do whatever I can.
It feels like we all need a little lift so I am sharing this new dark and moody dish with you so you can try it over the weekend. Ossobucco will work as will shank as will beef shin. You can also do it in the slow cooker too. So give yourself something to focus on and don't forget to take those pictures for me.
This is my Nihari Mutton and it really is perfect for these cold evenings

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5 months

Looks yummy! Is it possible to make this dish without the mace and poppy seed paste? Impossible to find in my town!! Anything that can substitute it maybe?

Al Thawer
6 months

We all need a lift Hari! Thank you. I am glad I voted early so now I can sit back and go about my day working virtually!

6 months

This looks great Hari. Thank you.

6 months

Thanks for that Hari. I thought it was a closely guarded secret!

Hari Ghotra
6 months

Not at all - I’m happy to share. This isn’t my garam masala but on the website one of my blogs is called the wonder spice and that has my recipe for my garam masala @Peterginn

6 months

Have you inadvertently given away your garam masala mix perhaps?

Steve Green
6 months

Must try this soon Hari.
Thank you ❤️❤️

6 months

15 cloves, wow. That aroma must be intense. Happy to see another recipe using black cardamom.