Hi Hari
I have questio for you. My Doughter on her Honeymoon was in India and there she ate a Dish she loved and would like to eat again. So i thought to write you asking, maybe you can help. I was looking for it in the app but i am not shure if it is a Tandoori. Here is the picture of it. Thank you a lot if you can help me to do that surprise for her

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Elisabeth Johl
5 months

Thank you so much dear Hari
I will lokking after them on the app.will make a big surprise for her
Thanks again❤️

Hari Ghotra
5 months

Hi @Elisabeth Johl that is definitely tandoori - it looks like a mixed tandoori platter with chicken 🍗 on the bone, chicken pieces, paneer, prawns and kebab with a mint chutney. All these dishes are on the app. Does that help? Unless you have a tandoor it will be a little different!