I always love to share fun stuff with you guys so who can guess what I have been up to today?? And yes it does involve cooking!

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Dave Finch
almost 2 years

Hari I know for sure whatever it is it will be delicious đź‘Ś

about 2 years

Come on Hari! Spill the lentils are you gonna be on TV Soon?

about 2 years

It looks like Saturday Kitchen studio???

James Sinclair
about 2 years

Saturday Kitchen? About time too :)

about 2 years

cookery demo or class?

about 2 years

looks like veg pakoras or onion bahjees with rice and the curry is sort of malibar colour with what looks like peas with yoghurt on top. my phone has such a small screen lol

Aruna Clarke
about 2 years

ohh looks like pakoras and kari xx

about 2 years

Special Guest maybe?

about 2 years

Ooh that looks good !!

about 2 years

Is that a Dahl ??