Happy Saturday folks - I feel like I have neglected you a little this week so I thought it's about time we had a little chat.
I'll be doing a live chat at 2pm UK time tomorrow here on the App - let me know if you can join me. If you have anything you want me to ask me you can put your questions in the comments below to get us started.

Looking forward to speaking with you tomorrow!

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Lawrence Braniff
1 day

Sorry I missed it!

Steve Wilcox
3 days

The things I have learnt about generally making great curries are: cooking Onions until they are dark brown, allowing the madala to really cook down before moving on to the next stage and using freshly tempered and ground spices (esp. your Garam Masala recipe). what other general techniques would you recommend? (I have Learnt loads more about rice and Indian breads but I and talking generally about "Curries".)

Cathryn Aldridge
4 days

How long does your handmade paneer last and how is it best kept stored?

Amanda Briffa
4 days

hi Hari,have you any recipes suitable for winter in a slow cooker thanks

4 days

will need to set a reminder so I dont miss it!

Steve Wilcox
4 days

nice to hear from you!😀