I thought this was really interesting - some positives coming out of lock down in that people are cooking more.


What are you doing to get the taste of your favourite restaurant food?

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Geo Mcculloch
5 months

isolation at min

Andy Hill
5 months

Soo many recipes still to try from your app + family favourites, that I very rarely use other options than no.2 although a charcoal cooked lamb shish kebab 🍢 does occasionally win me over 😉

5 months

I have to say 2, 1 and as an extremely last resort, 4. I’ve now ventured into levened bread! I’ve always shied away from it, naans and white bread for the last weekend have been a revelation for me 👍

William Lovett
5 months

Thank you for the article. All the best to you and your family.

5 months

It's a mixture for me - I've certainly been cooking way more Indian (thanks to @Hari Ghotra ) and Chinese food than I used to, but sometimes I still fancy a takeaway and get a delivery.