Chicken Korma! Well, something similar 🙄 I always adapt the recipe to my diet and what I have in the cupboard. But at least this time I could use poppy seeds 😁 I moved to Barcelona and there's a huge Indian comunity here, so I can find all the Indian spices that I've always wanted😍 so happy!

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Shaanuja Perampalam
3 months

Looks great 😍😍

4 months

Hi @Hari Ghotra ! Sorry, I didn't see it. No, I haven't received it yet.

Hari Ghotra
4 months

Hi @Gabi I sent you a friend request wanted to ask if you got the chilli yet?

Hari Ghotra
5 months

Whoop whoop 🙌🏽 amazing @Gabi - looks so wonderful 😃