Just a quick shout out to all my US friends - Happy Thanksgiving! I think we should all take a moment and comment below about what we are thankful for!
I am very thankful to be able to share in your cooking journeys. I’m also thankful to be able to share a NEW announcement with you before anyone else! Launching tomorrow I have a new range of frozen curry sauces coming out - I’m very excited about them so watch this space but shhhhhh don’t tell anyone!
Oh and if you want a giggle here’s me talking Turkey 🦃 😂

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4 months

Hari, I know it’s late but I’m so thankful for all the good things in my life not to mention birds and little squid ❤️

Debbie Gorman
5 months

I am thankful for being able to live in a beautiful place, out in the country and forests during this really difficult time. If I lived in a city I think I would have gone crazy being in lock down a second time. I am also thankful for my true friends, who I miss so much since I emigrated❤️

Michael Bayliss
5 months

I'm thankful for finding Hari on you tube.

5 months

Although we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Spain, I'm thankful about my current situation. I was at my hometown, unemployed, after spending almost 2 years working at something I didn't like. Right now I'm thankful to be in Barcelona studying what I like at one of the best schools in the field. 😊

Hari Ghotra
5 months

Nothing anyone is thankful for then?