What’s for dinner tonight? I’m starting with these. Anyone going out?

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Terry Buck
about 1 month


about 2 months

I’d be going OUT! To your house!

Kal Jalil
about 2 months

Yeah, in tier 3 too. Don't normally drink in the house, but can't remember the last time I had a pint, so I'm gonna have a couple of beers and watch I'm a celebrity with the wife. 😄😄👍

Kevin Gantley
about 2 months

looks amazing

Steve Wilcox
about 2 months

That looks Lush! we are in tier 3 so we are staying in with steak, chios and Stunning red wines. I'm not complaining! I really got a do a chicken pukki Hydrabadi Biriyani soon!! ☺🍷🍷👍🖖

about 2 months

Yep Tier 3 here too! Cheese toasties and leek soup for us 🔥fire is in

Gillian Waite
about 2 months

I'm "in France" tonight... Beef bourgenon

about 2 months

Not going out thanks to our Stasi government, tier 3 here! However, just doing Malabar Prawns, Courgette Pakoras and Pooris. 😋

Steve Beck
about 2 months

very nice