Anyone know a recipe with Brussel sprouts? When I was young we used to have a dry curry. I would like to introduce it to the table again. Thanks

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Steve Beck
4 months

prep your sprouts by cleaning them up and set aside while you prepare 4-6 slices of bacon and sliced onions fry the bacon then add 1 T olive oil add the onions and some garlic cook until desired doneness of the onions remove the mixture and set aside add the sprouts to the bacon fat and olive oil do not burn them but cook them to your desired doneness and when they reach that doneness add the bacon onions and garlic.
I usually par cook the sprouts in a cup bbn of water in the microwave before adding them to the pan to saute them

4 months

Brilliant- thank u

Hari Ghotra
4 months

😆 great minds I just posted my recipe (will add link to the dish) and then read your comment here! Funny!