The first dish of 2021 is on the gas... I present Kucha Gosht ki Biryani. It was as sensational as expected and although it took time and there were several stages, overall it was like a ceremony building up to the final explosion. The Raita is a must in my opinion- it went so well with the beautiful subtle flavours of the Biryani. Each mouthful was slightly different but a taste of heaven. I will be doing this again for sure. The Lamb caught and burned a little on the bottom so I may add a touch more infused water next time or go slightly easier on the heat at the initial stage, maybe even do it in the oven?? Thanks Hari- for once I stuck to the chilli 🌶 level specified as I knew this was a more balanced dish. Glad I did! And by the way I slipped some Baileys in the Cardamom and pistachio Kulfi while I made it... Wow!! Ssshh don’t tell anyone xx

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3 months

hi Hari have you a recipe for chicken pilau rice.

Debbie Gorman
3 months

Amazing feast!!

3 months

Absolutely love your explanation and pics of this, @Damian Green. Putting on my calendar to make.

Hari Ghotra
3 months

Oh wow @Damian Green what a wonderful start to 2021 cooking. Lovely to read your thoughts and I love the addition of the Bailey’s 😆
Thrilled it was a success and you’ll be cooking it again!

3 months

looks amazing