Not the best start to 2021 but these are unbelievable times.
I just wanted to reach out and say that if anyone is worried or struggling please know that you can always open up on here and chat either directly to me or within the community section.
I will be doing some live cook alongs again so stay tuned to find out when and we can get cooking together to keep each other company and eat some yum dishes. Sending you all love ❤️

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Debbie Gorman
3 months

Happy new year to you Hari and your family. Also to everyone on the app. Wishing everyone a hopeful 2021 !!

4 months

Happy new year. Sending love back ❤️

Hari Ghotra
4 months

Keep smiling folks!

Ed Purcell
4 months


4 months

Happy New Year @Hari Ghotra. Might not be the best start to the year, but let's look forward to better times to come. The light at the end of the tunnel is coming into sight. Looking forward to cooking with you again!