Last night a few of us had a feast of chicken bhuna lamb madras, chicken korma and tandoori chicken! We used Hari's spice kits and spent the afternoon cooking up a storm, it was so much fun and the food tasted amazing!

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Stacey Elms
about 3 years

@Hari Ghotra loved using the kits! Great to have everything ready and super easy to follow! I loved watching the YouTube videos first so I could picture my end goal! Been recommending to EVERYONE! Will be purchasing more for xmas presents and will definitely be trying more myself! Can't recommend enough enjoyed it all!

Hari Ghotra
about 3 years

I love that @Stacey Elms looks like an amazing feast!! Did you like using the kits??

Mark Harvey
about 3 years

blimey 🌶️😎