Hi fellow cooks, I need some advice please, I have a freezer full of red chilli, some recipes ask for green chilli, would there be much difference if I used Red instead of green especially with vegetable dishes? 🤔

Thank you. 🌶🥬

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Ian Thompson
3 months

Thanks @Jaebee202 , it makes sense. 👍

3 months

I think it would depend upon which variety of Chilli you used. I grow several types each year and I can tell you they all are very different in flavor, even among different varieties I pick at the same ripeness(=color). The amount they are watered while growing also affects flavor & spice level. If you had 2 of the same chilli, one picked when it was green & one picked when it was red-- they would taste different. much like bell peppers. Hot Chillies DO get hotter when ripened(red) though. That's something to consider. When I'm wondering if a Chilli I've never worked with will complement the dish I'm making,... this may sound weird... but I will bite off a very small bit of the Chilli while also tasting the sauce. The only fool proof way to know though, is to either know your Chilli well (is it typically smoky? bright? sweet? etc) or to just try it in the dish. Maybe someone else in here will be able to offer better info.