I made chicken korma tonight for my mother, she wasn't sure about it at first but she ended up asking for seconds! @Hari Ghotra, you've made another Korma Konvert!!
Even though I cooked it, left out the poppy seeds and had to break open a mulled wine tea bag for cloves, it turned out stunning! Thanks Hari! 👍❤🍽

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Debbie Gorman
3 months

I remember starting out with a chicken korma. My friends and I would go for a curry every week and I wouldn’t eat anything, after months one of the waiters asked me why and I said it was because the curries I had eaten, cooked by english people were horrible and too hot. I loved the smells in the restaurant but didn’t think that I could eat a curry. He promised me that I would like a korma, I did and that was the beginning of a very long love affair with indian food😁. Well done to your mum!!

3 months

😋 Korma! All that decadent creaminess. 💖 Love that you thought to use the Cloves from your tea. Brilliant!

Hari Ghotra
3 months

Loving your creativity with this one and do pleased your mum loved it @Steviewilcox