This dish is called Cricket Chicken and, boy it hurt my pride to make it!!😁. many of you would know Aussies and Indians are cricket tragics .. roll out the test series just before xmas between the 2 teams and it was drama from day 1. The Indian team was flogged in the first game, their captain went home for the birth of his first child leaving an inexperienced team and the "experts" thought it was series over. Game 2 and the Indian team sent us Aussies packing. Game 3 was a draw it came down to the Brisbane match. It went down to the wire and India did the impossible... inexperienced batters took on the world's best bowlers and beat us. Probably the finest Indian test ever, so over to you Hari to invent a memorable lamb bbq dish to celebrate both teams.πŸ˜€

Posted by helenbas3 at 2021-01-19 10:17:48 UTC