Thanks Hari for a new recipe.
Amazing smells and flavours. First time I have used black chick peas, only discovered them last year when I was researching local farm grown produce for food lovers tours in Tuscany and Umbria!
I have to be honest I am not overstruck with the consistency of them but my partner loved them. I kept putting them back in the pressure cooker to soften some more. They were cooked for over an hour in total🤔 The aloo jeera was gorgeous and reheated leftovers in a dry pan today gave a crust to them, yummy.
Next time I will try with ordinary chick peas which I love.

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Debbie Gorman
3 months

Always open to new things. Thanks to you I have cooked and enjoyed dishes I would never have tried such as CTM and butter chicken because I prefer the hotter spicier curries .
It has been a culinary adventure 🥳 .

Hari Ghotra
3 months

Yes they are harder than normal chickpeas and some like them others don’t. Test and learn as they say. Thanks for trying them though!