Well, that was my first cooking Live session and LOVED the buzz! 🐝 - even without a sous chef! 👩🏽‍🍳 🤣🤣🤣

So I think from looking at the pictures, I may have rolled out my final paratha to cook, a little too thin. But I got the layers. The 2nd method (where you cut all the strips) works much better than just rolling (Atleast for me). The prawns were gorgeous. Thanks for another successful meal @Hari Ghotra ! 🥰

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Debbie Gorman
2 months

They look the business and the prawns too!!

Hari Ghotra
2 months

I’m so pleased you cooked along and enjoyed it! The paratha look amazing well done! Hope you enjoyed watching and eating too!

Andy Hill
2 months

looking super tasty 😋

2 months

It does look good 🤤

2 months

Looks good!

Salma Khatun
2 months

Looks sooooooo good!!! Well done, it was certainly fun, loved the buzz 💛