First attempt at samosas. 3 hours in the kitchen and many many swear words, but didnt turn out too bad in the end! 😅👌

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Angelene Vance
2 months

those samosas look good, I can't shape them yet

2 months

They look fantastic. Hungry now!!

Ildikó Szücs
2 months

😃😃 I wish my first attempt would have looked like this !!

Debbie Gorman
2 months

They look just fine. I am a female Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen and it works just fine for me😂🤬🤯

2 months

Those look great. One of my favorite dishes as well. Haven’t made them in a while but seeing these I might just get in the kitchen tonight.

Karen Maria
2 months

These look incredible. Clearly worth all that effort

2 months

Looking great @Camilla
Samosas are my first step in the Indian Kitchen.

Gordon Moore
2 months

I'd say you'd cracked those @Camilla 👍 they look perfect 😍. I tried these for the first time a few weeks ago and they split apart during frying 😪.

Hari Ghotra
2 months

They look perfect to me @Camilla the swear words are sometimes required 😆