It's National Pizza day today so I have been playing with some new pizza ideas - this is my spicy tandoori grilled chicken naanza on a spiced tomato masala, topped with sliced red chillies, coriander and a paneer and mozzarella mix served with a mint raita on a fluffy naan base and a chickpea chaat masala with gooey cheese in a folded naan bhatura.
What do we think?

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Al Thawer
2 months

Looks great!! Thinking of making it on Friday! To keep it low carb, will make the crust/naan with almond flour!

Karen Maria
2 months

Yes!!!!! Because having it done the right way is much better than those horrid tikka pizzas you get ag takeaways!

2 months

That looks toe-curlingly good!

2 months


2 months

Looks and sounds amazing. Do love pizza.

2 months

My kids fave....Nan 🍕. I use left over chicken curry & add sliced onions & cilantro.

2 months

More mozzarella, always for pizza, more mozzarella, 😆

2 months

was planning on firing up the pizza oven on Friday. Now having a radical shake up with possible toppings! Thanks!!!

Gordon Moore
2 months

Mmmm Yes Please 😍😍😍

2 months

I didn't vote down, so no haters. Sounds lovely, but unsure of the mint raita.

2 months

Italian would go straight up Hairs😉
But since i do not eat Tomatoes, or better, try not to eat. I put on Pizza everything i have in my Fridge.
Well donne Hari

2 months


2 months

I mostly think: Can we have the recipe please?! Looks great!

Terry Buck
2 months