I watched @Hari Ghotra 's cookalong last night, and will probably cook on Monday night.

Watching Hari use her new pressure cooker emboldened me to use the one I was bought for my birthday 3 years ago, again. so this morning I have made a vegetable soup, which seems to have been successful. it probably only saved about 15 minutes of time, but it's getting the practice into using it as I've found it a little daunting before.

so, Monday night I'll do the mung dhal from Friday. fingers crossed

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Sue Geen
about 2 months

@Hari Ghotra and dusted off is understating it! There were cobwebs!

Sue Geen
about 2 months

@Hari Ghotra it was lovely thank you Hari.

I will definitely have a go at the dhal next week. xx

Hari Ghotra
2 months

Yay so pleased you dusted off the pressure cooker @Sue Geen how was the soup?