A wonderful #fridaycurryclub tonight cooking this totally amazing railway chicken curry! I so enjoyed it and mine had a good chilli kick too.
Who else had fun tonight?

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Michael Bayliss
about 2 months

looks gorgeous, cook it on Monday xxxx

Trixie B
about 2 months

It was fabulous. The chicken was so aromatic and flavorful. The coconut and cumin rice was the perfect partner too. We all cleaned our plates! Thanks Hari😋

Leslie Isherwood
about 2 months

Glad I did all the prep, made it a lot more enjoyable and not a lot of stress. Thank's Hari.

about 2 months

we had such a good night Hari, we're eating tomorrow night when our son comes over, adding the yoghurt , garam masala and ghee then. thank-you so much Alan and Lynda Neill xxx🍴🍴🍴🍽🍽🍽

Ju Lian
about 2 months

Thanks Hari. I really enjoyed watching although I wasn't able to cook with you this evening. I'm hoping to get time this weekend.

about 2 months

We’re enjoying our meal that we cooked with you live tonight for tomorrow’s tea

about 2 months

Was really great! Love learning new things. Will be cooking this tomorrow. Thank you xxx

about 2 months

Really did. The time flew by. Maybe that was the wine!