A Balti I made last night and it was so delicious. Learned a lot too making it. Letting everthing cook out properly before adding the next stage turned out to be so important for the final dish. Thank you for your Balti cook along video. .....The last photo shows a snippet of a garlic and coriander gluten free naan which I just experimented with.

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Hari Ghotra
about 1 month

Love a Balti and loving your cooking @Michael Bonner So good to know that the video was helpful too!

Angelene Vance
about 2 months

That's one of my favorites

about 2 months

Looks delicious! Buckwheat flour is not too bad if you knead it well and add a little oil and as much water as you possibly dare!

Michael Bonner
about 2 months

@elisabethjohl thanks. it was more like a gluten free pancake. but was still nice for dipping

about 2 months

Yes gluten free bread it's difficult to do. But yours looks okay