What a fantastic curry. All that flavour from the spices and the reduced masala plus a serious punch from all that black pepper. The lime lifted the curry and added a freshness that cut through that masala reduction. I made a cabbage and carrot thoran with fresh coconut, curry leaves , chana dal, Urid dal and mustard seeds which gave the veg a crunchy, chewy element and plain basmati cooked with coconut oil.
Unfortunately I wanted to make rothi but as we are an hour ahead my stomach was begging to be fed! Thanks Hari for another curry that will be made again and again!

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Hari Ghotra
about 1 month

Super happy you really enjoyed it @Debbie Gorman loved reading your thoughts on this recipe x

about 1 month

Yes I think so too. Again and again

Debbie Gorman
about 1 month

Thanks Mark.

mark h
about 1 month

Another good looking plate!