I saw a very interesting post on FB where someone was asking about recipes for a scallop curry and the comments astounded me. Apparently its a total waste of money to do that and curry is only for cheap meat! So Im asking you guys would you use seafood in a curry - i'm talking mussels, scallops, clams etc or do you think the spices would ruin the delicacy of the ingredients?

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27 days

I love Indian food so I would try it but I do like the flavours of unspiced sea food too. I think what I'm saying is I love food in all its forms!

Debbie Gorman
28 days

Personally I wouldn’t use scallops as they have a lovely delicate flavour that just needs a bit of butter to bring out the sweetness when you cook them and a twist of black pepper. But, i have made a stonking curry both indian and thai with mussels and one with clams. Squid works well too! My mouths watering now😋

28 days

For me, the seafood would ruin the curry not the other way around!

28 days

I regularly make the spicy prawns dish and it is always a winner.