I’m a novice at cooking Indian food. I’ve found the bread section and am curious about two things:
1) which breads go with what curries... or is it just a case of what does one fancy?
2) if traditional naan would be a sourdough or use yeast - I am a keen baker and assume sourdough would be the traditional basis for naan so would love to see a good sourdough recipe if that is the case.

I’m thinking of doing the pepper chicken tomorrow from a few weeks back and doing naan with it.

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26 days

Your naan recipe was great @Hari Ghotra it made just the right quantity and was light and fluffy. Will be buying the book tomorrow. 😁

26 days

Thanks @Hari Ghotra

Hari Ghotra
26 days

Welcome to the app! There are different breads that come from different regions depending on the grains that grow in that area but I usually say go with what you like.
Yes I will get a sourdough naan recipe up but I think there is one in my bread ebook but I maybe getting confused. Will post soon @MalthouseMark

Gordon Moore
27 days

@MalthouseMark you're not a novice - you're an inexperienced expert 🙄. the pepper chicken is an amazing dish and I'd say naan would make a great accompaniment 😁👍