We usually have some sort of chillies on our windowsill - if they are there long enough they are dried chillies. 🤣

Today I went to the closest supermarket (Sainsbury’s) and grabbed one of each off the shelf. As well as mixed jalapeño chillies there is also a bag of red and a bag of green (this system stops me adding more images).

For Indian meals - which of these might one use? Which would one not use at all?

It’s black pepper chicken curry tonight. Can’t wait! 😎

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about 1 month

@Hari Ghotra mwahahahaha my chilli curse lives on 😂

about 1 month

@Hari Ghotra oh dear. That’s hot! 🤪🔥

Hari Ghotra
about 1 month

Best chilli stash ever!! I accidentally put 2 nagas into my Irish stew this week thinking they were habanero from the freezer 🥵 next time label them!!