#fridaycurryclub with Water Aid & Ernest in Madagascar. Learnt loads, but didn't enjoy the format as it was well too chaotic and felt rushed. Love the idea though. Ended with a very thin sauce and underseasoned BUT new flavours, so will heat up for dinner with my kid tonight (09.00 in FL and didn't want this as breakfast).

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Hari Ghotra
19 days

Thank you so much for joining in and cooking @MattC with us so early in the morning! I’m very Sorry you found it rushed, I wanted to try out some new technology and highlight something that I think is important. As the host I don’t think I explained the dish and cooking side well enough so I apologise for that.
In terms of the dish it is supposed to be very thin because the dish is centred around the rice. I also forgot to add the tomatoes which didn’t help.
Thank you for your feedback it is very helpful and always gratefully received. It’s a learning and I have to try new things now s as far again. Thank you sooo much for cooking along and I hope the dish in enjoyed by the kids - it looks wonderful!

Debbie Gorman
19 days

Matt, i’m impressed you could face cooking that early! I can only ever face a coffee most mornings until I get going.
Your curry looks great. All that lovely sauce to soak in the rice. Hope the kid appreciates your efforts.