Last night's offering was Nariyal Chicken with Lemon Rice - @CamillaJohanna thanks for the idea 💡 This gentle little curry wraps you in cotton wool then softly tickles the taste buds 🤫 personally I prefer something with a bit more attitude like the high octane Black Pepper Chicken 🔥 but this was a great hit with Mrs M who licked the plate clean then curled up in front of the fire 🥱. @Hari Ghotra I tried so hard to get a perfectly round roti - this one was the best 🤷‍♂️

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Gordon Moore
17 days

@CamillaJohanna 😂😂 not so much a guest as the long suffering Mrs Moore. She really loved this one 😁👍

17 days

Looks sooo yummy Gordon.
When your guests start licking their plates you know you did a great job 😍😍

Hari Ghotra
17 days

Yes it’s a super gentle one and great for days where you want something easy and cuddly pictures look delicious @Gordon Moore