Black lentil and split chickpea dhal - my first run with a pressure cooker. So easy, I'm going to have to buy one.

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Mark Choice
5 days

Your dish certainly has a soft fresh look about it. I was thinking about getting an air fryer but now seeing how a pressure cooker can value to Indian cusine, I am leaning towards that. I’m thinking of shoulders, deboned legs, ribs, shanks of lamb, pork or goat with a masala marinade done in a pressure cooker.
Wow! Will that work? @Kylie @Hari Ghotra

5 days

I'm really impressed with how fast it cooks beans and legumes! I've always been a bit scared of them, my mum had a super noisy/hissy one when i was a kid!

Hari Ghotra
5 days

That looks so good and nutritious. Lovely to hear that you are enjoying using a pressure cooker @Kylie - it’s a great bit of kit!

Leslie Isherwood
11 days

Looks lovely thanks for sharing.