So sorry for the lack of interaction this week I’ll be back on it but WiFi is coming in waves! Still no indication when it will be back up and running properly so will have to pick up again next week. Sorry folks 😢 but fear not I’m still here and will be back on it soon enough!

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Ildikó Szücs
24 days

oh...this reminds me, maybe you have time to try the Hungarian gulyás ? 🙃🙂😊

Tracy Plummer
26 days

Woohoo I get to have a sleep-in ❣️
But I really do miss the early start to my Saturday mornings, looking forward to next week.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder ❣️🌶 ❣️🌿❣️

27 days

I'm going to make your pork vindaloo this evening. look forward to next Friday evening.

Mark Choice
27 days

I shall be trying your Thari Walee Lamb curry tonight. Do you not normally use any dry spices on your lamb before adding it to the masala sauce?

27 days

I still will try the Xacuti Chicken. I just couldn't decide what else.

Teresa Witchell
27 days

How frustrating for you , will really miss tonight’s Curry Club.