Chicken korma. Note to self - have ingredients ready. I grabbed chillies. Chopped red ones from the freezer. I was fine with it but Sheila found it a little hot for her taste!

Note for Hari: we guessed at when it would be ready and stuck rice on to cook. We got it right by luck but it would be handy to put accompanying things like that into the cook so we have a full meal ready to eat if we are cooking live.

It was tasty though.

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Hari Ghotra
18 days

Hi Mark it looks wonderful!! Yes I usually do an accompanying dish so you get a full meal but don’t want to repeat the same but I agree I didn’t mention putting the rice on and I should have - noted and thank you for the feedback. Good to know it worked out.

19 days

Looks amazing 😀 I had the same problem as to when to start cooking my rice.