So I made a bit of a mixed grill last night, Hari’s Zafrini Pilau rice, my sous vide lamb chops and marinated barbecue deboned chicken thighs with a roasted pepper, avocado, pine nuts and Kashmiri masala spice. Lucky, an Indian chef friend of mine provided a rogan josh sauce to go with the lamb and his tikka masala to go with my barbecue chicken thighs. It was really delicious.

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Mark Choice
15 days

@Debbie Gorman Thank you Debbie. I am trying to combine the sous vide meats into various curries. I am still learning the ropes when it comes to Indian cuisine

Debbie Gorman
15 days

That lamb looks perfect!

Mark Choice
16 days

I sous vide certain meat cuts, which is really delicious but I am keen to incorporate them into the Indian cuisine to expand the favour profile of the dish. I shall post 2 photos. Do you guys have any suggestions what of @Hari Gothra curry sauces could compliment these meats.

Hari Ghotra
18 days

Nice job and the rogan sauce sounds yum! Loving the bbq cooking!