Super sorry about the late post but #fridaycurryclub this week is a seasonal lamb dish using some fresh spinach too and we will make some saag walee roti while it’s cooking too. Join me at 6.15pm on my you tube channel - this is what you will need! 900g lamb leg, trimmed and cubed (veggie/vegan use 1 cauliflower) Marinade 6 cloves of garlic 3-4cm ginger, roughly chopped 2 tbsp coriander seeds, crushed ½ tsp salt Masala 3 tbsp oil 2 large onions, sliced into rings salt to taste 1 tsp turmeric 1 red chilli, chopped 1 tsp chilli powder (optional) 4 tbsp yoghurt (or use coconut milk) 300g fresh spinach, washed and thinly sliced Are you going to cook along on Friday? I really hope so!

Posted by Hari Ghotra at 2021-04-21 19:41:55 UTC